Serpentine Dresser

Serpentine Dresser

Bohemian style furniture won’t be found in your local furniture store. Each piece is unique and has a story to tell.

All the pieces we restore have an amazing history behind them.

Using numerous layers of paint, colors, and different distressing techniques, we come up with one of kind pieces.

They make  bold statements in any room in your home, and will become a conversation starter for people you entertain.




This Serpentine Dresser has been refinished in a predominately blue “Provence” color, with hints of muted green.


Vintage labels have been added to the drawer fronts for a unique look.

It’s smaller footprint will allow it to fit in any room. 32 X18 X 48 inches high makes it an unusually narrow and tall piece.


5 drawers will give plenty of storage. All original hardware and metal casters give it a real vintage vibe.