Hand Painted Armoire

A very popular look for furniture painting today is an ombré effect,(literally “shaded” in French) It is the gradual blending of one color into another creating a watercolor effect.

You can trace ombré’s pop culture roots to the late 1960s, the days of psychedelia, tie-dyeing, hippies,and everything groovy. The revival of this art-form has a very nostalgic quality about it, bringing back memories of our youth.

Many people today buy art work and pictures to hang on their wall, usually over their couch. They then proceed to sit with their backs to it. We here at the falling down shed create art work using furniture as our canvas. This makes it the centerpiece or focal point of any room, a real conversation piece.

This early example of an armoire, or more precisely a “Chiffarobe”, has been dressed up with an ombre effect. Beautiful tones of blue, gray, orange, and red have been seamlessly blended to create a work of art.

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