Decor Items

We have collected a number of vintage, retro and hard to find unique pieces which would be a great addition to any room. From old Farmhouse, to Shabby-Chic, to Mid-Century Modern, French Provincial, Victorian, Antique, or Canadiana,  we have a style to suit your taste.

Don Jail Cell Bars


Driftwood Lamps with Edison Bulbs
Driftwood Lamps with Edison Bulbs


 Rose Colored Chandelier
Early Rose Colored Chandelier


Church Organ Pipes
Very Old Wooden Church Organ Pipes


Large Steer Skull
Large Steer Skull


 Half Moon Table
Antique Half Moon Table


Antique Molding Planes
Set of Antique Molding Planes


Antique Rocking Horse Chair
Rare Antique Rocking Horse Chair

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