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  1. Hi Mr Macleod
    Iam the lady who bought the couch from your daughter Serena.
    When you were here I showed you the old wall phone I had and needed a crank you said you might have one,Iam also looking for some dresser handles and a couple of knobs.
    Hope Serena was successful in her furniture buying.
    You might get this email twice the first one just disappeared before I clicked on sent

    1. Hi, nice to hear from you. Yes I will locate the crank for your phone, I also have a wide assortment of handles and knobs. When I locate everything, I will message you again, and arrange a time to meet. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I bought the turquoise floral sideboard – – I just wanted to say thanks for making such a gorgeous piece! I love it :). I will keep a look out at the market whenever I go up to Georgetown. All the best!

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