Bring a touch of country life to your home  by creating a unique, fresh take on the country living look. Farmhouse decorating is warm and cozy and goes back to a simpler time. Nothing is too delicate or precious, rather, items are sturdy and well worn, having stood the test of time. Farmhouses pieces look like they have a lot of history behind them, with layer upon layer of colors.

     You don’t need to fill your entire home with vintage furniture, but you should definitely have some. A vintage cabinet looks great beside a new bed. Place a new sofa beside a vintage sideboard or hutch to create character and bring history into your home. You can mix up styles, materials, and colors. That’s part of the charm. Having mismatched pieces only adds to the warmth and appeal you’re looking to create. Old pieces with a fresh coat of paint or heavily distressed finish can instantly add a farmhouse feel to your space. Farmhouse pieces are generally solid wood. Adding color and a worn look will instantly make your furniture the centerpiece of any room. Farmhouse furniture and style should look like they have evolved over time.


Farmhouse Cabinet

Here at The Falling Down Shed, we are furniture artists. We create farmhouse furniture and accessories with an authentic, old-time look. Using a variety of paint, including Chalk paint, Milk paint, and Clay based paint, we achieve that well worn look with various distressing and antiquing methods. The result is a one of a kind, unique, centerpiece for any room in your house. We are being environmentally responsible and reducing the carbon footprint by keeping these old pieces out of the landfill sites and extending the useful life of these beautiful old pieces for future generations.



We here at The Falling Down Shed are very excited to announce our new location in the Beaumont Mill Antiques and Collectibles Mall.

Come by and visit our booth to see some of our latest creations in person. We will always have several pieces of painted furniture on display, as well as many decor items for your imagination to go wild with. While you’re here you can browse over 40 vendor booths. There’s something for everyone. Make sure to say Hi to Pete, who goes by the name “Grouchy Pete”. He’s actually quite friendly and helpful.

We are located at 586 Main St., Glen Williams Ont.
We are open Wednesday to Sunday and most holidays, 10 pm to 5 pm or 9 pm to 6 pm on weekends.



Upcycled Furniture

We upcycle furniture pieces and give them a fresh new look and a new lease on life. Using various painting techniques, wood stains and antiquing methods, old furniture can have a second life breathed into them for a new generation of users. We achieve an aged, scuffed look, what the furniture world refers to as French Provincial, (shabby-chic if you must). Applying colors like French Linen, Emperor’s Silk, Bohemian Blue, or Provence, will create a beautiful piece which will become a focal point of any room.

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Demi-Lune Sideboard
Demi-Lune Sideboard


Serpentine Cabinet
Serpentine Dresser


Primitive Desk
Primitive Elementary School Desk


French Pie Safe


Boutique Bureau


French Farmhouse Cabinet



Decor Items

We have collected a number of vintage, retro and hard to find unique pieces which would be a great addition to any room. From old Farmhouse, to Shabby-Chic, to Mid-Century Modern, French Provincial, Victorian, Antique, or Canadiana,  we have a style to suit your taste.

Don Jail Cell Bars


Driftwood Lamps with Edison Bulbs
Driftwood Lamps with Edison Bulbs


 Rose Colored Chandelier
Early Rose Colored Chandelier


Church Organ Pipes
Very Old Wooden Church Organ Pipes


Large Steer Skull
Large Steer Skull


 Half Moon Table
Antique Half Moon Table


Antique Molding Planes
Set of Antique Molding Planes


Antique Rocking Horse Chair
Rare Antique Rocking Horse Chair